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Want to know how to build a website in about 30 seconds?

I can show you how.


Perhaps the easiest part of the free Starter Membership is the building of a website. I mean, about 30 seconds is all it takes and you are up and running! Seriously! That’s all! I’m talking about being hosted, protected, being ready to put content out there on the web! Want to make money online? You gotta have a website! Period.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

You’re probably asking yourself why would you want to build a website with SiteRubix? How about these for a few reasons?

    • Free superfast hosting of WordPress on Site Rubix
    • Free website development based on WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) which gives you tons of resources to use in building out your website.
    • Professional looking website content, quick and easy to design. There are over 1,400 templates or themes to choose from, but I suggest you choose a simple theme without a bunch of bell and whistles. Focus on your content.
    • No need to know HTML or advanced knowledge of website technology.
    • Free support of an entire online community, many of whom have been doing this for years. Successfully, I might add! All you have to do is ask. Chances are, someone has already asked the question and all it takes is a quick point to the answer(s).
    • Domains usually cost $15 or less per year.
    • No upselling of your domain!

Wealthy Affiliate sports two levels of membership: Starter and Premium.

Starter members get the benefits above along with:

    • Two free websites on Site Rubix
    • All it costs is $0, plus a free bonus of access to our free training program. You can sign up right here..

Premium membership gives you a wealth of additional benefits. Just on website domains alone premium members get:

    • Name your own domains, e.g.
    • WordPress optimized servers
    • The most secure hosting anywhere
    • Full redundancy
    • Daily backups
    • 24/7 website monitoring
    • Fully managed
    • Email & forwards, up to 25 per domain!
    • Site Health analyzing
    • Website auto login
    • Premium membership costs just $49 a month or $AVE by paying $359 annually! That’s over $200 in savings if paid annually! Sign up for Premium Membership here.

The free starter membership gives you all you need to get started. Why go anywhere else? Where else will you get free, quality training, two free hosted websites, free access to WordPress, free access to loads of website templates and the potential power of a major CMS? And the Premium Membership? The sky is the limit!

Here’s a comparison of the Starter and Premium memberships.

Build Your Own Web Site, Right Now!

You can have your own website up and running within a few minutes just by following a couple of simple steps:

    • Sign up for your free membership. Remember, that’s $0 to create a totally free account. No credit card required!
    • Build up to two completely free websites. PLUS you have access to Wealthy Affiliates free training programs.

This is so quick and easy that I’m going to show you how to create a website right now by showing you a video using the same interface all of us here at Wealthy Affiliate have used after signing up and that you will use to create your own website.



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Come hang out with us and see what WA is all about. It’s all about developing and promoting your home-based business. It’s free. Read more about it here, then dive into the wonderland of meaningful web development.

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Wealthy Affiliate is scam free and is 100% legitimate. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

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