Tips On Communicating Effectively

By | October 17, 2016

Effective communication is the point of writing good content. We want to be understood. We want to be relaxed but concise. Not stuffy or wordy or preachy. Keep your writing short and simple, yet keep clarity intact. Here are some tips on communicating effectively through your writing.

Conversational Style Writing

When a writer is conversational the reader easily identifies with the writer. And that’s what writers want. To relate to the reader. To feel what these song lyrics convey:

“…can you make folks feel what you feel inside?” – The Ride by Gary Gentry and J.B. Detterline Jr.

We want them to feel that they can get to know us. Have a cup of joe or herbal tea and converse with us. To trust us. And trust opens the door for

Listen to yourself and others talk. That’s how you want to write. It’s okay to use sentence fragments. Like this. Do away with formalities but maintain good taste – no slang, cursing, etc. And if it sounds stuffy, rewrite it.

“Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood.” – William Shakespeare


Write Expressively And Colorfully

Informative research goes a long way, so be informative in what you say. “It’s the most effective colic remedy I’ve used! And I’ve tried them all!” has appeal to the mother of a newborn baby and it speaks of the marketer’s experience in the subject. Trust.

colorfulBe creative in your descriptions. You have to admit that “a colorful array of vivid colors await the buyer” is a lot more appealing than “the items are red, yellow and green.”

Your product should be portrayed as compelling and irresistable. Feel seventeen again when this modified carburetor kit puts the wind back in your hair! Or, take this supplement three times daily and regain the libido of a twenty year old! It makes the potential buyer want that experience.

Thought-provoking statements like “this book could change your life” or “as long as we’re alive we have hope” make a person stop and think. We use a thought-provoking sentiment at Wealthy Affiliate in this banner ad:


Use Fascination Triggers

If possible, employ one or more fascination triggers. A fascination trigger works a person’s emotions and they then look for a solution.

The seven fascination triggers are power, taking command; passion or emotional attraction; mystique or curiosity; prestige, respect; alarm, urgency; rebellion, game changing or unafraid to take risks; and trust, the loyalty factor.

We each have one of these as a primary trigger. We also each have a secondary trigger which is another of the same seven fascination triggers and this combination (49 types are possible) is how we “fascinate” the world. Can you think of someone with the primary trigger of “power” and a second trigger of “passion?” Hint: Richard Branson. Or “power” plus “trust,” think Warren Buffett…

From her new book, “How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination,” Sally Hogshead provides the table below containing the 49 types of fascination trigger combinations.


What is your combination? And how can you leverage that combination to “fascinate” your potential buyers? Sally has an online assessment test that you can take. You have to open a free account, which I did and go the following assessment:


For $47 I could have had Sally explain it to me and to subscribe to her product. I passed for the time being but it may be worth going back to do a product review. But I digress…

Fascination triggers control our emotions and the existence of emotion determine whether someone reads our content, buys our product or simply moves on to something else. Engage your reader. Or you won’t connect.

Focus And Get To The Point

We may be writing conversationally but what we write must be clear and concise. There must be no focuseddoubt in the reader’s mind that we are “with them” or they will not engage. We are writing to show them something they don’t already know or want to know more of. We want to market something they don’t already have!

Imagine trying to get connected with a blog on the latest affiliate marketing techniques. And the writer can’t stop rambling about everything from the benefits of sipping tomato juice to reasons why the Seahawks won’t make the playoffs this year! The reader just left. Focus! Get to the point!

It’s estimated that the top ten blogs have an average length of stay of 37 seconds with an overall average of 97 seconds being spent at a blog. After reading a couple of paragraphs, if the reader’s fascination isn’t captivated, if they haven’t found what they’re looking for, they will simply leave. Write clearly and get to your objective!


Be concise! Get your facts right! They should be clear and accurate. Ambiguity lends itself to the reader losing faith in you. So be clear without being too formal. Avoid professional jargon. Most readers won’t recognize that myocardial infarction and heart attack are one in the same.

Keep things simple. Less is more. Simplicity is often cited as the key to effective communication. Don’t bog down the reader with complexity. There’s no need to impress anyone. Writing clearly and concisely is what is important. Brevity and quickly getting to the point are much more interesting than complicated ramblings that can be misconstrued.

Avoid superfluous phrases. The use of superfluous phrases is incredibly boring to read. It’s one of the biggest time-wasters in writing. Instead of the wordy “on the basis of evidence available to date,” the word consequently means the same. Likewise, nearby means the same as “in the vicinity.”

Communicate Effectively

blogWrite informally but be concise and accurate. Capture the interest of your readers right away. You want them to read your post! Be creative and irresistible in what you write.

Couple this post with my other posts, Content, Links and Social Media: Proven Trust In Your SEO and Build A Remarkable Business From Your Favorite Hobby and you should have a good working foundation to build your product for your home-based internet business!

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