3 Proven Ways To Find A Competitive Niche

By | October 10, 2016

Apparently, coming up with a niche is a difficult thing to ask of a person. I see messages all the time from folks who say they are stuck because they cannot find and develop a niche. Personally, I’m always being asked how I selected my niche. The truth is, at the time I was stuck as well! Mostly because I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I was being asked to find.

At the time, Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate gave me the insight I was needing, even though at the time I didn’t realize it. He told me to just ask myself, “How will this [niche] help someone?” As it turns out, the key to a successful niche is that it helps someone. It makes life easier. It makes the day-to-day of living with certain conditions more manageable. You get my drift.
So now that I’m a little wiser and farther along in the process, I thought I’d share my own process of finding a niche. The primary goal is this: choose an evergreen niche. What is an evergreen niche? One that is never out of demand. An evergreen niche’s longevity is timeless! Someone is always going to need or want one!


After a little research I discovered three proven ways to find a competitive niche. An Evergreen niche. How to choose an evergreen niche? Let me help.

Romance Flutters the Heart

Of the top five evergreen niches, romance almost always tops the list! Few things elicit the romance-heartemotions like love and attraction. Are you the guy or gal who always has the opposite sex chasing after them? Always able to cruise a bar or wherever and pick someone up with little or no effort? People admire that. Share that expertise!

Online dating is hot! Creating superior profiles that get attention and attraction can be both exciting and fulfilling. Then there is advice on projecting an enticing persona once on a date or to make one’s self alluring to the other sex. Maybe it’s just to boost one’s self-esteem.

Are you good at relationship repair? Marriage counseling? Relationships on the rocks isn’t the latest craze in mixology! People – couples – are looking for help every day! Overcoming shyness and inhibitions with the opposite sex sells!

The list goes on and on, especially if it involves sex. Counseling, advice, how-to (yes, that’s right), pick-up hints and tactics, you name it and you can write about it!. I know of one lady who gives some pretty candid sexual advice. Her target audience is mainly couples and her “pointers” oftencouple in love come in the form of videos. She has amassed a monumental empire! And my inbox is flooded every day with affiliate marketers selling everything from men with premature ejaculation issues to resolutions for women achieving the big-O to teaching men to be alpha males! The industry is proven to be multi-billion and any Google search will bear that out.

Done correctly and tastefully, you can be the guru on the topic because sex is on everyone’s mind, it’s something most people care about immensely and is so easy to share. The aspect of helping others in a sensitive area of their lives keeps one in a sharing mood. And oh, the stories that can be told!

Health and Fitness and Longevity

lost-bellyWrite about the age-old cabbage soup diet and you probably won’t get much of a look-and-see. But share the latest, hottest paleo craze and now you’ve got the attention of dieters, fitness experts and cross-fitters!

Maybe you’re a cross-fit expert who is always coming up with new twists on workouts. Adept at warm-ups and cool-downs? Replenishment after a workout? An ace at form in weight lifting? You’ve got a target audience and tons to write about in the future!

The list of topics you can write about is phenomenal! Upcoming events, supplemental products you use, critiques on something another expert has advocated and the facts to back up your view, your motivation, holiday eating advice, products that work and don’t work, successful weight loss. Google alone can provide you with a gold mine of relevant topics and suggestions!

Diet can fill your blog until the end of time! Sharing recipes and personal stories eating-healthyand knowledge can help motivate even the most sluggish of persons, the couch potatoes. Cooking videos are hot commodities, especially as they relate to health!

And how can you not connect the dots between health and fitness and longevity? Studies and facts abound that show the connection between eating healthy, being active and staying fit with longevity of the body. Diet, exercise and heart health are considered to go hand-in-hand.

Supplements that promote health, workouts and longevity always pique the interest of the healthy-minded. Vitamins and minerals, human growth hormones (HGH), testosterone boosters and supplements, libido exercises and augmentation techniques are all topics of interest, including critiques of their use and/or non-use.

Money Talks Fly

The song goes like this:

“Money…Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.”man-and-moneypile
~from Money by Pink Floyd, written by Roger Waters

Money, the making and management of it, is always an in-demand niche! How many financial consultants, payday loaners, bankers, mortgage lenders and the like can you name off the top of your head?

To get ahead or to succeed we need income. For most that comes in the form of a job. Many, myself included, prefer to make it themselves and not share it with a boss or company, working for the man. That’s why money talks fly.

Internet businesses abound, some successful, some not so much. Innovative approaches to bringing in money are of interest to many. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to be both inventive and prosperous at the same time. But beware of get-rich-quick schemes! Even the definition indicates that it’s a way to make money quickly but often due to dishonesty or nonsense. Don’t ruin your reputation! Take the high road! That’s one of many things I love about Wealthy Affiliate!

There are tons of other ways to make money on the internet, whether it’s a full-time vocation or as a supplement to blog writing or whatever else you’re doing to make money. Some ways include affiliate selling such as sales generated through AdSense and AdWords, drop shipping, writing product reviews, advice on meeting the cost of living with things like medical care, food and housing growing faster than any increases in income.

credit-card-debtSoaring credit card debt is rampant in the U.S. alone! Some blame it on the easy accessibility of credit cards coupled with the want-it-now tendencies of people. Others blame the declining economy.

The 2015 debt picture looks pretty bleak! Here is a sampling of what is owed in the United States. The average household credit card debt is over $15,000 but the total for the U.S. tops $719 billion! Mortgages average over $172,000 but the nationwide picture is more than $8 trillion! For auto loans the average debt is almost $28,000, yet the total across the country exceeds a trillion dollars. Student loans? Try over $48,000 average with a national average exceeding $1.26 trillion. And general overall debt averages $132,000 plus with a national figure of – are you sitting down? – over $12 trillion!

Whatever the reason for rising debt, information on credit card debt and workable debt reconciliation tactics is sought-after like never before.


I’ve just given you three ways to find your niche. They are proven to be successful niches and I’ve shown you the proof. You can Google on any of them and find much, much more on each of them.

If you still haven’t come up with a niche, I have a couple of more possibilities, but that is something I’ll cover in the next blog, 2 More Powerful and Amazing Niche Opportunities. Then, once you have come up with a niche, the next step would be to find out the marketability of what you’ve selected. That will be the topic of the following blog.

Remember, with the free Starter Membership you get a bonus of ten free lessons from the first Certification course. Upgrade to the Premium Membership, or join at that level, and you get all of the marbles that come from Wealthy Affiliate. Come join us. Hang out with us. We can help. We want to help.

Until next time… if you get stuck or need help, please let me know and please leave a comment or feedback in the Comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Proven Ways To Find A Competitive Niche

  1. Nancy B.

    Awesome! These are some great ideas! I have to admit that I’m one of those people that really want to do this, but can’t figure out how to pick a good niche. I am going to contemplate these ideas now and see if something comes to me 🙂

    1. Mike

      How cool! Thank you, Nancy! Picking that niche had to be one of the toughest parts of the entire process! Glad to know it has helped someone! Thanks for taking the time to review the post and leave your feedback!
      All my best!

  2. Harold

    Hey Mike,

    Excellent post! I have often wondered what other niches I will try, since I am a motorcycle enthusiast, I know what direction I’ll be heading in. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope that you will have much success with your website.

    1. Mike

      Thank you Harold! It’s hard to keep from trying them all at once! Lol! Best success to you!

  3. Holly

    Thank you so much for this, I know what niche area I want – supplements to support health in various ways but I am confused about if it should be many products or only one? At any rate, I certainly appreciate your wonderful article.

    1. Mike

      Hi Holly! Maybe introduce them one or two at a time? I do appreciate your encouragement and support! I’ll be “rooting” for you!


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