How To Start With An Online Business


Making money on the internet. Yeah, that’s what we are here for! But do you know where to begin? Do you have a plan? On this page I’m going to get you started. Point you in the right direction. Show you how to start with an online business.
To start an online business it can be both rewarding and lucrative. It can also be painful. Do you remember the statement from older television advertisements for the Olympics? The one that mentions the “agony of defeat?” Then there is that other phrase: the thrill of victory!

Start An Online Business: At Home…Or Wherever

A few hours working on a back porch overlooking the Great Divide is no different than the same few hours in my living room. Substitute wherever you like for the porch overlooking the Great Divide. The Caymans. Aruba. Or from a cabana atop a mesa outside of Kerrville, Texas. Can you envision it? If you haven’t already, make it your goal.
Personally, I can see it. How? Because someone was willing to help me find the right way to get started online.


Mike, the handsome guy looking back at ya!

My name is Mike. My story is a little different. I worked for the “other man” for thirty four years in the Information Technology world,  the last eighteen of which were for an entrepreneurial little guy who ran a software company. Oh, he appreciated my technological skill set, rewarding me handsomely financially. Complete autonomy. Lots of time off. Just enough to keep me disinterested in owning my own business.
Then one day the shoe fell. I don’t like being the one telling it, but basically I got old. A few short years from retirement. Boss wanting to go in different directions. To try new things. Ten years my junior.
I was unemployed. Unemployable. And it SUCKED!!! Ahhh… the agony of defeat!

Start An Online Business: Moonlighting On The Web

A few years ago I bought a book on moonlighting on the web. Guess my subconscious mind was growing aware of what the future held? A lot of what I found in the book parallels what we learn at WA: find a niche, write an eBook about it, publish a blog on the web, somehow get traffic to your site (usually by using lots of $$$). Oh yeah, the web site. Had to buy a domain and use a web hosting service, buy software to create website, buy email addresses, buy this, buy that. By then the price had trickled up into four digits with no end in sight!

I’ll wait on this, was my decision.

Now, here I stood… I knew I could possibly do the web marketing thing. I can write! I just didn’t know how to go about turning it into, um, honey! And that cost!

Start An Online Business: Then I Found Wealthy Affiliate

Enter Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle is the epitome of the self-made man. He started this venture fourteen years ago with a credit card and a five-dollar-a-week budget. Kyle says there are only three things that distinguish successful online ventures from those that find no online success:
1. They have help. Wealthy Affiliate has grown into a community of folks who just want to live the dream of having their own business, working from home, investing their time and money into something they believe in, all the while making a little money, hopefully a decent living.
Kyle is true to his word when he says he wants to help someone. When he says he wants to help us start our own home business. You may not know this yet, but the gyst behind most of what we learn to do at WA is to help someone. When you’re not doing something, go to the unanswered questions on the WA website and try to help someone. Helping someone. That’s what sets WA apart from the pack.
While brainstorming for me a niche, Kyle was helping me get it narrowed down. I was always leaving it too broad. Finally, Kyle wrote to me and said, always ask yourself this question when you are searching for a niche:  I’d like to help someone by ________________________________________.
There it is again.  That help word. At Wealthy Affiliate you can pursue internet marketing by utilizing that niche idea that you have and marketing things for others, or you can apply internet marketing to Wealthy Affiliate. Either way, the theme is the same:  help someone.
2. They have their own website. People in internet marketing live or die by the website. With a website, living and thriving is possible. Without a website, forget about it.
I wrote above about the tremendous cost that apparently went along with buying and building out a website. What if I told you that today you can have your own website, including building it out, having it hosted, everything you need… for $0 – you’re reading that right! At no cost. That’s free, baby! Free gratis!
In fact, in just a few minutes after you sign up you can have your web site up and running! And it costs you zero dinero! That’s zilch! Don’t you love free?!?
3. They learn regularly and practice properly. Think of life at Wealthy Affiliate as being in a constant state of learning and practice. Topics of discussion are continuously underway. There’s training taking place 24/7/365. From that training, there are always exercises to do and a blog to write about what you learned, to raise any questions that may come up, and to share the answers that you may find.
By overcoming those three obstacles we clear our way to take the four easy steps to success:
1. Choose an interest
2. Build a website
3. Attract visitors
4. Earn revenue
Now I not only have a website through which I promote Wealthy Affiliate, but using the knowledge and experience that I have gained there, I’ve also added a couple of more websites from which I can actually monetize the products that I use and can recommend! All from a dream of starting my own business online. And Wealthy Affiliate provided the catalyst.


Start An Online Business: Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

The sheer value of the education you receive is priceless in itself. But look at what you get… for nothing, just for signing up!

If you have any questions about Getting Started, leave me a comment below and I’ll do everything I can to help you. Or you can find me at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here. If I can’t help, then I’ll find someone who can!

Gimme Feedback!

Come see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Sign up for a free account by clicking this link. Got feedback? If so, please leave your comments below.

10 thoughts on “How To Start With An Online Business

  1. Jeff

    All sounds very interesting and I’m in need to earn some extra money to get by on.
    Do you think I can build a online business so I can retire from Full-Time work?
    Best regards,

    1. Michael Miller

      Hi Jeff! Thanks for your comment!
      I think that this program is a perfect fit for starting your own online business at home so that you can retire from full-time work. Wealthy Affiliates (WA) has the educational opportunities to get you going in the right direction. Their resources seem almost endless and with so much help available, you can “earn while you learn.”

      The best part about it? You can join for free! You can get started with two free websites to get you going into the online world. Did I mention that it is free? Click here and I’ll take you to where you need to sign up. If you need help setting anything up, let me know. Or if you have any question at
      all, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

      The very best of luck to you, Jeff!

  2. Norman Richards

    Wealthy affilaite is the place to be for online business, here we are taught everything about online business. We have all the tools and help that we need to be successful. You have done a good job with your website everything is so well put together and detailed. keep up the good work.

    1. Mike

      Hi Norman! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your positive and encouraging comments! WA is an excellent group to be affiliated with and I think it’s a group effort that rubs off onto all of us here. Thanks again!

  3. Antonio

    Really like the review. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for an online business. The member are very helpful and don’t get me started on the educational tools. Your website looks good. Good luck

    1. Mike

      Thank you Antonio! You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is hands-down the place to be for starting a home based business! The wealth of knowledge that is available to us, both written and what we get when we ask questions, is mind blowing!

      Thank you for the review! Best of luck to you!

  4. Ruth Robinson

    Hey Mike – good job!
    I like all the different kinds of information you laid out here.
    I also like your candidness of being laid out unwillingly.
    Looks like your the kinda guy who sticks around sticky or not and willing to help others.
    Big thumbs up!

    1. Mike

      Hi Ruth!
      Thank you for visiting my web site and for leaving your comments! I wanted to do something a little different with the SEO and still maintain their importance in getting a website indexed and ranked. I do appreciate you taking the time to look it over and leave your kind remarks!

      All my best,

  5. Ashley Ferguson

    Hi Mike,
    I’m new to wa and when I first saw your page come by for review I thought wow that’s alot of reading, but then I thought wow, so is mine, but when I clicked on your site it gave me a little better understanding how my posts work as opposed to my pages… I think anyway. You break it down very well, to where I can go directly to what I’m looking for and is easily found. The explanations are very informative and helpful. Thanks.

    1. Mike

      Thank you, Ashley, for stopping by and for leaving your comment! I’m glad that “my way of doing things” was helpful to you! I looked over your website because off-grid living has always been an intriguing subject for me, particularly earthen homes. I always wondered if the soil in Louisiana would be conducive to an earthen home due to the swell and shrink created by rainfall and dry season. Since I see that you are from East Texas, we would have similar soils and climate.

      All that to say that I’m going to be checking back with you on your website. It’s looking good and I like where you’re going with it. Keep up the good word, Ashley! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help, whether it be me or anyone else here at WA. I’ll certainly be “rooting” for you!



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