You Need A Rapid, Reliable And Secure Web Hosting Company

By | November 7, 2016

When starting an online business it is important to realize that you need a rapid, reliable and secure web hosting company. Web hosting is what puts your website out there on the internet.

Web hosting companies are estimated to be a $16 billion industry in the United States with growth rates of 10% annually.  Half of those are for shared hosting where you share space with other web sites. It’s almost like sharing an apartment with thousands of others. You probably won’t get the bottom bunk. WordPress optimized hosting services are managed and dedicated WordPress hosting. They shield you from the “shared” society.


Rapid, Reliable and Secure Web Hosting Services

You need the fastest web hosting possible because you want quick page loads coming from your website.  That equates to higher Google rankings and in the web hosting world it is called Page Load Speed. Studies have shown that if a page load takes two seconds or longer, the visitor has probably already moved on.


Reliable web hosting simply means that your website pages will be loaded when you ask for them.  That is known as Up Time. No one likes to get a time-out or connection-refused.


Then there is Secure Web Hosting. Secure web hosting keeps your website safe from malicious viruses and malware and other attempts at hacking. Failure to provide adequate security has been likened to leaving your car unlocked in a public parking facility for extended periods. Your website is the lifeline of your business. It can also affect your visitors in the form of compromised credit cards and other personal information. Keep it safe!


Choosing a Rapid, Reliable and Secured Web Hosting Company

You’re going to want the best web hosting for small business at the best price.  Here are 8 things to consider when choosing the best cheap web hosting that you can find:


  1. Location of server – you want it to be in the country of your target audience

  3. 24/7 support via chat, email or phone. Most of all you want it to be reliable.

  5. Available resources such as disk space (storage) and bandwidth (number of visitors it can handle), email and forwarding, and if you are technically savvy, access to the PHP programming language and support for JavaScript

  7. Make them yours. Make sure any domain or website names that you create are yours and can be moved to other hosts, if necessary.

  9. Control Panel – Look for existence of cPanel. Not all web hosting services offer cPanel. If not, make sure that some form of dashboard is available.

  11. Daily backups. WordPress also provides a utility for backing up all or specific parts of website content.

  13. Watch for upsells and special promotions. For example, right now, some web hosting companies are offering deep discounts for WordPress Hosting, such as $5.95 a month or even less. What they don’t tell you is that there is usually a finite introductory period such as 30-days, 60-days, 90-days, 1-year, 2-years and/or 3-years. After that introductory period, the price will skyrocket back up to normal, often well in excess of a hundred dollars a month.

  15. Terms and conditions. Pay particular attention to account cancellation! Many times people may have unknowingly agreed to pay the full regular price if they choose to opt out down the road.


A Rapid, Reliable and Secure Web Hosting Company Infographic

This is an area where you want to make extensive use of available reviews as well as information provided by the web hosting company.  You will find that the answers you get will depend on where you get the info.  According to Best WordPress Hosting, some hosting services get glowing reviews because the reviewer is a beneficiary of the service’s lucrative affiliate program.


Look for reviews from reviewers that have actually purchased and used the web hosting service!


The Infographic below contains what you need to know when choosing a web hosting service and compares what is available through Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix with what the leading web hosting services offer.


Which begs the question:  what makes them the leading web hosting services?  Again, depends on who’s providing the info! The three web hosting services – BlueHost, HostGator and iPage – were chosen because they seemed to rate consistently high as web hosting service providers.


Anyway, the contents of the Infographic came from a variety of sources on the internet.  Some info came from the individual company websites, some from review organizations.




Watch For Upsells!!!

BlueHost maintains that it provides one free domain for one year. Renewal prices resort to the original price. Also watch for upsells when obtaining a domain. For example, BlueHost will attempt to sell you Domain Privacy Protection for 99 cents per month, Pro Backup for $167 per month and SiteLock Security for $199 per month.  But wait! Didn’t their promo say it came with the product? The truth is, yes, as long as you buy it! Also, BlueHost has no monthly payment option! You have to pay for a full year!  You can do the math.


It is worth noting that Wealthy Affiliate includes Domain Privacy Protection, Backup and Security as part of its package. At no additional cost to you!


HostGator provides monthly payment options, but like BlueHost, all of those little extras that come standard with Wealthy Affiliate web hosting come at a hefty price! Domain Privacy Protection: $9.95/year. The Secure and Accelerate Your Site service, which they highly recommend, goes for $1.67 per month and is billed annually. Daily website backup to the Cloud: $19.95/year. And they’ll also increase your search engine visibility for $14.95/year.


Recommendation For A Rapid, Reliable and Secure Web Hosting Company

Without doubt, HostGator provides the most horsepower. Their up time and page load speed are perhaps the best in the industry. All of this due to the 32-core processors in their servers. However, the technology behind Wealthy Affiliate as a web hosting service is more than adequate for the majority of affiliate marketers.


BlueHost builds its own technology so it is difficult to say exactly what they have under the hood. I do know that BlueHost is consistently rated as one of the worst in terms of page load speed and up time.


iPage, although cheap, will come back to bite your posterior due to its use of Shared Web Hosting and lack of dependable support. Throw in the fact that your WordPress themes and plugins are limited to what iPage has preselected for you and you are looking at a thin alternative.


HostGator and BlueHost tout their site builder, but if you want premium WordPress themes and/or plugins, they simply tell you how to install them which is no different than Wealthy Affiliate is when it comes to themes that are not considered to be free.


And let’s not forget eCommerce! HostGator and BlueHost both offer SSL which explains why so many affiliate marketers have their eCommerce stores hosted by these two services. iPage cannot host an eCommerce store since it doesn’t offer SSL.


Wealthy Affiliate is now offering free SSL for Wealthy Affiliate Premium members!!! I foresee many current members of WA having their eCommerce stores and their websites hosted by the same secure website hosting company that I recommend:  Wealthy Affiliate


I hope this helps you in finding a rapid, reliable and secure web hosting company!


I want to help you in any way that I can. Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommendation! I know. I use them for my domain and WordPress hosting. Find out why by reading this review of Wealthy Affiliate.  Or get started right now by creating an account with Wealthy Affiliate.


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