Internet Business Opportunities – Leverage That Technology, Baby

By | March 27, 2017
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Internet Business Opportunities – Leverage That Technology, Baby

The best internet business opportunities are no farther away than the click of a mouse or the face of our smart phone! Computing is an extension of our lives. Ever see anyone that isn’t glued to their mobile phone? Leveraging current technology inserts internet marketers directly into the life of anyone with a computer monitor, tablet or mobile device.Home Networking Devices

Are you making use of the technology available to get your marketing message across? I can help! To help you understand, let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

Internet Business Opportunties and Ubiquitous Computing

In the spring of 1992 a senior in Computer Science was given an opportunity to write a paper on Ubiquitous Computing. At that point in time, personal computers were just coming into vogue – not everyone had one! Can you believe it? Mainframes and midrange computers dominated business.

The student’s research revealed that ubiquitous computing was a concept where computing is made to appear anytime and everywhere. Instead of being restricted to desktops, the idea of ubiquitous computing meant that you could use any device, in any location, and in any format.


Only a few articles existed on the subject. One was in IEEE Magazine. Another article in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). What information existed was a concept paper by Xerox Corporation and their vision of the future of computing – ubiquitous computing. The Xerox project was headed up by Mark Weiser, now considered to be the Father of Ubiquitous Computing.

“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.”
~Mark Weiser, The Computer for the 21st Century
Scientific American, 1991


Ubiquitous Computing Center

What I found and what I want you to picture in your mind was a world where a conference room boasted a wall-sized computer monitor. Users at the conference table worked on their tablets and pads. Others with mobile phones sat in. The common denominator? All were seeing the same thing on their screens. Meanwhile, outside a user communicated with them all using a wrist watch device. Is this picture familiar to you?


It was unheard of when I wrote the paper. Today it is reality. Not to date myself, but I remember Dick Tracy cartoons where he used a two-way wrist radio/TV.


Nowadays, ubiquitous computing goes by several monickers: UBICOMP, Pervasive Computing, Ambient Intelligence, and Everyware. But ubiquitous computing never fully materialized until the mobile device evolved into a viable computing and telecommunication device. Leverage that technology, baby!


Internet Business Opportunities – The World, Your Oyster

When I wrote that senior paper, landline telephones were the primary means of communication. Cellphones were simple communication devices, wireless telephones, with no graphics or photograph capability and internet access by cellphone was unheard of.


The advent of mobile computing not only created a revolution in opening up access to the world wide web, it also proved to be a major evolution in internet business opportunities! Less than 1% of the world population used the internet in 1995. By 2005 there were a billion internet users worldwide, two billion by 2010 and three billion in 2014. This very moment, as I write this, there are over 3.5 billion internet users around the world and the number of users grows by the second. And that’s still only 40% of the world’s population!


Graph of Increase In Worldwide Internet  Users

Suddenly software developers scrambled to change paradigms and began to focus on what we now call “responsive design” – regardless of the device, mobile device users demanded that apps work. Scalability and response to resizing was not only a hot fad, it was a requirement.


Why? Because these 3.5 billion users are projected to be spending over a half billion dollars by 2018 in affiliate marketing alone!. Over $2 Trillion was spent in internet retail sales in 2016! Mobile device users now make up almost 53% of the world’s internet users and 75% of the United States internet users. Four out of five will use their smart phone to shop and 70% of those will conduct some action.


Top Ten World Internet User Countries


What can we draw from the ubiquitous computing evolution? I think one answer is ubiquitous marketing. Can you imagine a user coming to your website without even thinking about it? Isn’t that what we strive for? To get web buyers to come to us because we’ve become second nature to them?


The internet is a silver platter and it is full of oysters. The question is: which oyster has your pearl?


Internet Business Opportunities – Learn and Earn

When it comes to internet business opportunities and the availability of coursework and mentorship that help you learn and earn, there is no place on the internet like Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t say that lightly and at the same time I don’t even have to think about it – to me, Wealthy Affiliate is ubiquitous with affiliate and internet marketing!


Internet Faces


Doing business on the internet requires a reliable website and an equally reliable host. Wealthy Affiliate provides me with both and I can help you get started for free. No money down. No credit card required! Here’s what you get for free:

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  • Ability to learn what Premium membership entails
  • Free 10-lesson course focused on getting your website up and running. Look at these benefits found in this one course:


Wealthy Affiliate Beginning Course Benefits


Internet Business Opportunities – Leverage That Technology

I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate without hesitation. Over 850,000 internet entrepreneurs agree with me. A world of internet buyers are waiting. Grab your oyster and get started now!


I’d love to hear from you, pro or con! Got a question? Ask. Need more information? Say so. Even if you just want to say hello and chat, please leave me some feedback in the Comments section below. I read them all. Promise!

12 thoughts on “Internet Business Opportunities – Leverage That Technology, Baby

  1. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks for sharing and amazing post, it is really interesting to see how technology has change our lives and what is great to know is that the internet is a great market place where we are on the world’s stage so to speak and displaying whatever goods or services that we have to offer. Modern technology has really worked wonders for us and it is just so exciting. Your post is very informative with great information.

    1. Mike

      Thank you very much, Norman! The part that has amazed me has been to watch those sci-fi things become reality over the past twenty years, right down to the Dick Tracy wrist-radio! We have the technology at our fingertips. If we couple that with marketing know-how, there’s no limit for us.

      Best wishes to you!

  2. Ahmad

    This is terrific info for me to learn. I could benefit more from your site and your very own experience and expertise. An IT expert you are. Glad to be able learning more all about IT right here.

    1. Mike

      Thank you, Ahmad! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s been fun – and amazing – to watch what was only a vision in 1992 slowly evolve into reality, including the wrist watch device!

      Anything I can do to help, just let me know!

  3. Merry

    Great Post Mike. thanks for sharing that wealth of information. It never ceases to amaze me what we have at our fingertips and so much more in this world today. I just recently saw an article on a house being built with computer software and technology via the printers. Seriously this is awesome.

    1. Mike

      It truly is amazing! And it’s so… everyday and everywhere… truly ubiquitous. We don’t even think about it! And we’re only in the beginnings of what will be: houses and cars. We already have cars that park themselves. Tesla is trying his best to get a driverless car on the road (not sure about that! lol). I know some special needs people who speak their door combo and the door opens, they turn on lights, the AC/Heat by voice, even their ovens/stoves. Amazon’s Alexa is another example. The possibilities are endless. The world truly is our oyster.

      Meanwhile, enjoy this article on Making Your Marketing Ubiquitous

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Merry!

  4. Deraj

    Wow, you have done lots of research. I never know such history on Internet business. Hats off to you. Good post and interesting too.

  5. howard boelky

    Hi Mike.
    Awesome post what a great opportunity to start and grow a business. I love some of the pictures you used on this post very futuristic. In your opinion do you think that the market is becoming saturated with all the people that are trying to hop on board? I’ll check back for your answer. good luck to you! Your friend Howard

    1. Mike

      Thank you, Howard! Appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I was hoping that I could find some of the original infographics from the Xerox paper but they were nowhere to be found! No surprise there, huh?

      I think the market is wide open. The numbers would suggest saturation but I think it’s only going to get better. Do I think people will be more wary. Probably. Scam and scam sites are not our friend, but with the affiliate market projected to take in almost a half billion by 2018, I think we’re poised on a precipice of sorts. Especially with mobile users. See my blog at
      Create Your Own Website – What If No One Comes? to get my take on how we need to focus on mobile users in particular.

      Wish you the best, too, my friend!

  6. Louisa Barzey

    Hi Mike,
    Your post looks wonderful, It is very detailed and clean. I was impressed more when I saw the demonstrations graphs and charts. I think they really set the tone for your niche. Photos look great, and lots of content. I have learned something new from this post. I think the market is a huge one, best to your success!

    1. Mike

      Thanks for your commment, Louisa, and for your compliment! I think the internet is getting ripe for reaping some huge financial rewards, yet I also believe that it’s just getting off the ground. As desktop usage wanes, the mobile and tablet platforms are going to be the targets for ubiquitous marketing (see my blog Create Your Own Website – What If No One Comes?)

      Wish you all the best of success, too, Louisa!


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