What Is Keyword Research For?

By | November 9, 2016

What is keyword research for? Simply put, keyword research helps you get on the same page (no pun intended) as your website visitors. It makes the writer of one mind with the reader. Keyword research should provide a snapshot of:

  • What topics internet users are searching for.keyword-resaarch
  • How many will potentially visit a website if it’s found on the first page of the SERP (Software Engine Results Page).
  • What competitive websites exist.
  • The SEO power of the keyword.
  • Pinpointed topics to write about.
  • Website domains that are directly relatable to the keyword(s).
  • Lucrative niches that can be exploited.
  • Suggestions for additional keywords to research.


What Is Keyword Research For?

In a nutshell, keyword research is for providing the framework around which you build web page content. These keyword targeted pages get ranked by Google based on quality content. When quality content targets low-competition keywords and couples that with strong SEO power, the result is higher rankings in Google. And that translates to increased organic traffic. For…




Making money online.


The Most Powerful Keyword Research Tool

To me, the most powerful keyword research tool is Jaaxy. It’s accurate, comprehensive, fast, easy-to-use and most of all, it’s free. Of course, there are levels of upgrade at reasonable cost that give you increased benefits. But the free version is remarkable in its own right! I’ve provided a free demonstration of Jaaxy below. It’s free to use and I encourage you to give it a try on me!

The results are easy to understand, too. In the screen shot below I have searched for “no pain exercises” and you can see a few of the results I got back for my keyword research. In reality it returned a full page. Each column has a question mark icon that you place the cursor on to get an explanation for that column. Here’s the scoop…




  • Keyword. What actual users have searched for.
  • Avg. The average number of searches that the keyword gets in a month.
  • Traffic. The number of visitors you can expect if you rank on the first SERP.
  • QSR. Quality Search Results. The actual number of competing websites that are ranked using that exact keyword. You want this number to be below 300. The lower, the better!
  • KQI. Keyword Quality Index. Green is great. Yellow is okay. Red is poor.
  • SEO. A number between 0 and 100 based on competition and traffic. The higher the number, the better.
  • Domains. The availability of domains related to that keyword.
  • Related. Other keywords relatable to that keyword. These can be clicked on for keyword research purposes.


Returned keywords can be selected and the research data saved to a keyword list. You can edit the list to remove keywords and you can also continue to add to the list by continuing your research. What a powerful keyword research tool!!!

You can export the saved list in csv and/or txt formats for import into spreadsheets. There, you can sort it different ways for analysis.




The entire process is so easy! Let me show you how easy in this short video.



Best Keyword Research Tool To Find Site Ranking

What I am going to do is show you how Jaaxy can help you find out where your website sits in the SERPs. The screen shot below shows where a post that I wrote, using Jaaxy for my keyword research, ranks in the SERPs. The post is titled, Build A Remarkable Business From Your Favorite Hobby, and you can read it here(link to make-money-online).

From the Jaaxy dashboard, click on Site Rank.




Stripping away the same characters that Google will, the search will be for “build remarkable business favorite hobby.”




You can see that it occupies position 3 on the first Google page of the SERP. You can also see what it looks like on the SERP. The yellow highlighting is mine.

What Is Keyword Research For Without Training?

What good does it do to have the most power keyword research tool if there is no training? Well, Jaaxy is chock full of valuable training videos and walk-throughs. Training ranges from keyword research to niche research to domain name research for you domain flippers out there. There is even training on the Jaaxy Affiliate Program which is available to you even with a free membership! Just click on Training on the Jaaxy dashboard!




Yes, there are bonus downloads!!!

Now You Know What Keyword Research Is For

Keyword research is for success in your online business. It’s about watching for trends in what people are searching for and giving them what they want. It’s about writing quality content with keyword targeted information that grabs the reader’s attention. It’s about driving traffic to your website and keeping them there to make that sale. That commission. That conversion. It’s about finding that lucrative niche. Or finding that perfect domain name. It’s about Jaaxy.

Jaaxy ENTERPRISE is the keyword research tool that you need. Take my word for it. I use it all the time. Sign up for a free test-drive of Jaaxy, The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool!


Gimme Feedback!

Got something to say about this post?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Do you have experience with Jaaxy or other Keyword Research Tools? Please share! Tell me about them in the Comments section below.  I’d really like to hear from you, even if it’s just to chat!


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And as always, if you need any help or need questions answered, feel free to contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

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8 thoughts on “What Is Keyword Research For?

  1. Dennis Darragh

    I am learning more and more about keywords all the time. Your article has helped immensely. Really put some things in perspective. I am torn between using free keyword tools and going premium with something like Jaaxy, I am going for the test ride after reading your article!

    1. Mike

      That’s great to hear, Dennis! So glad it was helpful to you! I did the free thing at first and ended up going PRO or premium because I kept running out of searches. The upgrade was an improvement and helped me a lot. Then I decided to spring for the ENTERPRISE upgrade and WOW! I highly recommend it!

      Thanks for leaving the comment, Dennis! I appreciate you!

    1. Mike

      Hi Wanda! Thank you for stopping in and especially for commenting! I appreciate the encouragement! And I’m glad that you found the post informative.

      I took the opportunity to visit your website, too. Nice take on Dave Ramsey. And I think you provide students with a way to seek alternative sources of income while cranking up a business that they can keep even after they graduate! I was also curious about your widget for “entireweb” – I’m assuming that you’ve used it. Is there a trade-off on the “free” part? Looking forward to your answer!


  2. Wanda

    I have tried using the entireweb widget. It is very confusing to use. Yes, it is free, however, you have to know the computer and the affiliate program more than I do to be able to use it efficiently. It also takes a while to make any money using it. Especially if you don’t use it all the time. Or if, like me, are not proficient in it. It takes time to learn, time to locate items on the site, and even more, time to figure it out. And for the monetary results, well, it is all relative. If you are desperate for work and needing to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, I would say to get a job at Burger King or somewhere else because you will not get fast money from this. But that is my opinion of it. The time it takes to learn about the site, learn how to navigate through the site, and learn how to do things on the site is not worth the monetary value you get from actually doing it. At least it is not worthwhile in the beginning. It could eventually make you money, but the chances of getting a lot of money in a short period of time is very slim. A person would almost have to be working on it all the time to make any amount of significant cash. The training is not as good as WA. There are good things to entireweb. One is that it is free. The other is that there is a potential for making money. So the trade-off, in this case, is the time. Time to learn and earn. It is free, and like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And in this case, it is true. I hope this helps.

    1. Mike

      Thank you for the informative answer, Wanda! I agree that it’s difficult to dedicate full time to something like that. Sounds like a full-time (and then some!) venture that may or may not pay off. I really appreciate your candid reply!!! Maybe a review is in order??

      Have a great weekend and holiday, Wanda!

  3. JChrisA

    Hi, Mike!

    My compliments on a very informative website.

    I’ve tried several different keyword tools, but I’m currently using Jaaxy and I like many of the same features you’ve mentioned. I have especially found Jaaxy’s ability to find available domain names based on powerful keywords to be extremely useful, and soon to be very profitable, as well.

    I use Jaaxy about every other day for article keyword phrases as well and have found it to be the most user friendly of the full featured keyword tools I have tried. Yes, there are some free ones out there, but you do get what you pay for and this one was free to try, so why not?

    Was very pleasantly surprised at how good it is…wife says I just like the colorful red, yellow and green lights…well, maybe so, but it has more than paid for itself in the year I have been using it.

    Thanks for the well-reasoned review!


    1. Mike

      Thanks for all of the kind words – and yes, I got it just for the traffic lights, too! lol just kidding. I’ve found that I can’t live without it before writing something! When I upgraded to PRO from the free version I was suitably impressed, but after going to the ENTERPRISE version… wow! I was just blown away!

      I’ve been building an interest in the domain flipping thing and Jaaxy is an outstanding tool for doing just that!

      You can’t beat it when it comes to being user-friendly. I especially like the way it finds keywords and phrases that I haven’t even thought of! Great tool and worth every penny. Even the free version is worth having!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments!


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