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By | September 29, 2016


It can go without saying that the chief objective in starting an online home-based business is to make money online. To get paid to work at home. Well… looks like it got said anyway but that’s okay. Because we need to think about this. You need to ask yourself how to start your online business. Or a better way to put it is to ask how to earn online. How do you make money online as a beginner?

That’s where I can help you. Paul Simon has a lyric in “Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover” that says, “…would you please explain about the fifty ways…”   My muse is the three things you need to get going and make money online.

    • A product, idea or niche
    • A website or web page
    • A way to get folks to that website or web page

Let me explain.

You Need A Product, Idea Or Niche

dollar sign light buibThe gist of it all is to earn money online by selling your product, idea or niche, right? The three – product, idea, niche – are all kinda one and the same. You have a passion for something. That product, idea or niche could be your favorite hobby. Okay, maybe you have a passion for more than one thing. But one of those interests really lights your fire. Focus on one product at a time.

You Need A Niche Market

Gimme That Thing. People, your potential customers, have to want or need your product! Match the product with a niche market. Know who your target audience is. Research the keywords you will need to use in your selling piece.

Research your competition. Remember, this is your “niche” product. If there are 10,000 other websites selling the same product, it’s probably not a good idea. If you’re still gung-ho on the product, research the market trend.

One thing to remember is that a lot of eShoppers like that instant gratification thing. Most want something they can download immediately. But hey! If your product requires shipping, it requires shipping…

Like Your Product. Be genuinely interested in your product. Treat it like you would your child. You wouldn’t be blasé about telling someone about them! Give your product the same

Others must like your product. A treatise on buying car insurance is pretty common and probably won’t catch the eye of the consumer public. Throw in the Geico gecko and you’ll have something catchy. Your product has to be something your target audience is looking for and preferably is a hot topic.

Try using Share Triggers, a psychological technique of getting people to share products and ideas. When you talk about something going viral, some share trigger has been employed to make people want to watch and share it. The video, Gangham Style, comes to mind.

You can find more about share triggers on Google®. You can also read an excellent short piece on share triggers here.

Show them why THEY Will Love Your Product. Next you have to convince your visitors why they will love what you are selling. Is it the best thing since peanut butter? Sell that to them! Will it take every stain imaginable out of a piece of clothing? Sell it! Will it ease the pain of TMJ? It’s yours to sell. Convert them!


If possible, throw in a freebie as a bonus. Maybe it’s just an ePaper on ways people use your product on a daily basis and can’t live without it. Maybe it’s tricks to using your product for certain things. For example, you’re selling an eBook on Gaming and you know some shortcuts and other tricks. Share a few of them as a freebie bonus. People like free!

cattle-brandBrand It. No, I’m not talking about cattle… but the idea is the same. Branding is what you promise to your customers. What they can expect from you. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

My logo is at the top of this page and atthe top of the widget to the right. My Honey Money Tree is my brand name. Harvest The Honey Money Tree is my slogan. My mission is not only to fill the pot with honey, my niche, but to help others wanting to make money online by starting their own internet business.

Branding yourself and your product is so important I suggest you read this Entrepreneur eZine article on branding

And if you’re still not sure about what to sell, do a little research. The web is full of ideas. Here’s one place you can start: article on how to find the perfect product to sell online.

So now you have something to sell and armed with that you’ve covered what is sometimes the most important part of making money online. Because the reality is that if you’re going to make money at home, you need something to sell!

You Need A Website

Making money online. Starting an online business. The keyword here is online. To successfully start an online business you have to have a website. It’s like trying to talk to someone on the other side of the country: you have to have a telephone, the means, to communicate!


Having a website is critical. It’s just like I wrote on my web page Start A Home Business:

People in internet marketing live or die by the website. With a website, living and thriving are possible. Without a website, forget about it.

The easiest and best way for you to get a web presence is through Wealthy Affiliate. For no money at all – just signing up – you get two free websites PLUS a BONUS of ten free lessons PLUS the stellar WordPress® Content Management System (CMS) to create a beautifully themed and stunning website. A website filled with the benefits of buying your product and the satisfaction they will experience afterward.

We Want A Winner!

You’re aiming for a top-seller here! And let’s face it. No one can look up your home-based internet business in the Yellow Pages! What you need is a top-selling website. Not only do you need to promote all of the wonderful features and benefits of buying your product to make money online, your website needs to establish facts about your online home business.


Your credibility. You, your product and your commitment to what you are selling.This is where you show how you do business and treat your customers.

Your accessibility. Let ‘em know how to contact you, whether email, on-page comments or telephone. The sale may depend it.

Your reliability. Got testimonials? Use them! If not, start out with a friend or colleague who knows what your selling. Meanwhile, ask for testimonials on your website. All you need is a few. Accumulate comments and testimonials and modify your website content as you do so to keep your content current.

Your longevity. Okay, so you can’t say you’ve been in business thirty years when you’re just getting started! But get the message across that you’re not a novice. Maybe you’ve mixed that special seasoning blend for friends and family over the past twenty years. Write about it! And get those same family and friends to give you testimonials for your reliability!

Websites are critical to your online business. Make the most of it. You need a website to make money online! Make your website work for you so that you get paid to work from home! Make your website be what your product is: the best there ever was!

Wanna know how to set up your website and get it up and running? It’s all covered in the second lesson of the Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Course By the way, that’s one of the free bonus lessons that you get when you join for free!

Getting Traffic To Your Website

All right!!! You’ve got a highly desirable product and a website that portrays your manyarrowsproduct and your business as the crème de la crème. Who knows how to get to it? Who’s going to buy it? That’s where getting traffic to your website helps you to make money online!

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Someone once said, “Who will send the masses to fill the pots with honey?” Who said it? I did, of course! Still, the fact remains that someone has to send the masses to put honey in the pot.

That’s where driving traffic to your website is a necessity. How do you do that? Most of the ways I’ve read about involve all of what I showed you in the first couple of points: knowing and writing about your product, content writing, and getting it onto a working website. I won’t digress on that here.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Allow me the liberty of sharing a few techniques on driving traffic to your T-Rex-In-Mirrorwebsite:

Being at or near the top of the Google® listing. This is probably why most include content writing when advising on sending traffic to your website. That’s okay, but content writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are beyond the scope of why we’re here. I wrote about that here.

Use social media. Start a Facebook group or set up a business page off of your personal page. They’re free. Post info about your product, your website and provide the link. The same is true of Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit and LinkedIn, just to name a few. Join them if you haven’t.


Repost, but not more than once a day. Facebook offers a “Boost” option where for a dollar a day they’ll run you back through the newsfeed regularly.

Say-what-emojiWhere possible, use emojis in your posts. For some reason, posts with emojis get better responses than those without them. 

I’ve read where it’s suggested that you make a different landing page for each social media outlet you post/advertise on. That’s because the audiences vary from one social media site to another, even from visitors who link there from Google®.

Read some excellent tips on driving traffic to your site using social media.

Pay for advertising. You can also pay to advertise your product and business information, including a link to your website. Make sure the media outlet is internet based and that they address the same target audience you are looking at. You don’t want to advertise your All About Selecting Running Shoes website in the Farmer’s Almanac!

Start Your Online Business

StartupChalkboardPaul Simon probably won’t write a song about it, but now you have three things you need to know to make money online: 1) you have a one-of-a-kind product, idea or niche, 2) you need a website or web page to sell it, and 3) you need to get people to your website. The days of legacy commerce are fading into the past, if not gone altogether, while the days of digital commerce are here and now. Not only that but digital commerce is the future.

You should now have at least a general knowledge of how to start an online business and how to earn online. I can help you. I want to help you. The first step is to join Wealthy Affiliate and get your website up and running. Just click on the banner below to join us. Then use the knowledge you gain from the Entrepreneur Certification courses.

Remember, with the free Starter Membership you get a bonus of ten free lessons from the first Certification course. Upgrade to the Premium Membership, or join at that level, and you get all of the marbles that come from Wealthy Affiliate. Come join us. Hang out with us. We can help. We want to help. Make money online.


Until next time… if you get stuck or need help, please let me know and please leave a comment or feedback in the Comments section below.

Your friend,

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