2 More Powerful and Amazing Niche Opportunities

By | October 11, 2016

In my last post I gave you three of the most lucrative niche areas. But if you’re still stuck with no idea where you’re going, here’s two more powerful and amazing niche opportunities!

Personal Hobbies Or Interests That Will Help Solve A Problem

Your personal hobbies and/or interests are another example of a proven profitable evergreen niche. A few of those are golf, sailing, fishing, hunting and travel.
Any golfer will turn their head at the latest in golfing technology. New developments in golf clubs can be reviewed and recommended/not recommended. The same is true of golf shoes and other attire. Reviews of popular golf resorts and courses will always draw interest.

Sailing is another popular hobby niche. Information about sailboat racing or yacht rentals are in demand as are reviews/info about sailing and yachting in exotic destinations such as Tahiti, the Caribbean, Fiji, and Marianas Islands. Information is readily available from tourism offices in any particular region.

dolphin-catchThe bounteous supply of fishing and hunting shows on television lend proof to their demand and popularity! Reviews of fishing charters, especially those in the southern U.S., and reviews on fishing equipment can be written and sold to regional and national markets for the charter fishing industry. Groups of people, especially friends and corporations flock to charter boats regularly and spend over $41 billion for fishing expeditions. That’s not to mention the $15 billion plus spent on fishing equipment! Individually, fishermen will spend, on average, over $1,200 annually.man-hunting

The same is true for hot hunting destinations and farms, where over $67 billion annually hits the economy. Hunting generates over $25 billion in retail sales and provides over a million jobs. A single hunter will spend an average of over $1,800 every year! That’s big business, folks!

Any information that saves fishermen and hunters time and money and that comes from a credible source is going to generate interest.

Consider Telling Your Story

If you still can’t decide on a hobby or interest to write about, consider telling your own story and develop ways to help others in the same situation! Maybe you’ve overcome cancer or a stroke or heart attack or a traumatic physical debilitation. Maybe you survived as a child in a broken home. Perhaps you made it through an abusive relationship or made the transition from a single, shy and alone person to a delightful, meaningful relationship with someone.


Share your experience and help others who are where you were. Show them that there is hope for a future, one that is full of life and meaning. Tell your story. Someone out there needs to hear it.

High Payout Niches

This is the niche where you focus on what rich people want and need. Money is no object for them. rich-manThey’ve got money to spend and will readily spend it for something they want. Now, before you dismiss this as a niche, consider the following.

It’s just as easy to market a million dollar yacht as it is a $9 eBook! You read that right. It is just as easy and costs just about the same to market that yacht as it does the eBook. The difference is in the commission. You might sell only one yacht a year, but a 10% commission on a million dollar yacht is $100,000! A 50% commission on a $9 eBook will get you $4.50 each. You’d have to sell 222,223 of the eBooks to match the one commission on the yacht!

A likelier scenario would be the commissions made from yacht rentals, jet airplane charters, exotic travel locations, casino excursions and the like. Any type of luxury item like yachtwatches and accessories fall onto the list. The rich will buy what they want, when they want, spend what they want and they are the least likely to seek a refund.

And the rich like freebies, too! Only on a larger scale. One story I read told the story of an innovative marketer providing two free dinners to a five star French restaurant renown for its outstanding wine selection – in exchange for the purchase of a pair of airfares to the location.

Considering the ready availability of multiple databases on the rich and affluent that are for rent from service agencies and the like, the spending habits and preferences of the affluent, their contact information and so on, this is definitely a niche to consider.

2 More Powerful and Amazing Niche Opportunities

I’ve just given you two ways to find your niche. Including the last post, that makes five ways. They are all proven to be successful niches and I’ve shown you the proof. You can Google on any of them and find much, much more on each of them.

Once you have come up with a niche, the next step would be to find out the marketability of what you’ve selected.

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