ShareASale: Scam or Legit


In my honest opinion, ShareASale is worth giving a try. Their listing of quality merchants is reason enough when coupled with the free entry into their affiliate membership.
Star Rating: (9.2/10)

Name:  ShareASale
Price:  Free
Owner:  Brian Littleton
Affiliate Program:  Yes

About ShareASale.

From the ShareASale Blog AboutUs tab:

ShareASale has been in business for 16 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Our technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency and accuracy – and our reputation as a fair and honest business is well known within the industry.



ShareASale Product Features.

ShareASale boasts that it is the oldest affiliate marketing network in the industry – 16 years, in fact. It has over 3,900 affiliate programs. I didn’t count them but I have read that they have at least 40 different categories of marketable programs.

The merchants on ShareASale range from the large name-recognizable to newer, smaller merchants. And they keep adding regularly. The range of categories is equally impressive and includes fashion accessories, automotive parts and services, art, music, photography, books and media, clothing, computers, software, web services, food and drink, games and toys, mobile home parts and accessories, unique gifts, health, real estate, travel and sports and fitness.

Among their merchants you will find such notables as:

    • NFL Shop
    • MLB Shop
    • Zulily

shareasale-features is pretty simple and easy to use. The interface is user friendly and makes for an intuitive website. Graphical interfaces make it easy to navigate.

They are well known for their excellent sales tracking and reporting. There are tons of pre-existing links to products and in the event that there is no existing link to the product, a custom link is easily created as a customized link.

Their search functions make it pretty simple to find merchants for your website. You can even share merchant deals and coupons with your customers and potential customers! They even make their team available to you in case you cannot find a suitable merchant. They will help you find one!

ShareASale even has a rich toolkit to make use of. You can make sales pages, videos and even make a showcase of a particular product.

The commissions offered by ShareASale merchants varies but as a rule I would say many are generous! Some are quite good and some not so much. Some merchants offer incredible commissions as high as 300%! Many offer 20% commissions and some offer fixed dollar commissions. Tracking cookies also vary. Many merchants offer 30-day tracking cookies. Some have a 60-day tracking cookie, or even 90-day cookies. Some have cookies that do not expire!

ShareASale Product Qualities.

Product Positives

    • Lots of Affiliate Programs to Choose From
    • Easy to Use and Navigate
    • Good reporting tools
    • Easy customization of product links
    • Deals and coupons that can be shared with customers
    • Real time tracking notifies you when a banner is clicked, a sale is made, and a commission is generated.
    • Payments to affiliates come straight from ShareASale instead of individual marketers. Affiliates are paid with one check or direct deposit.
    • User friendly with useful tools, real-time reporting functions, and affiliate service.

Product Negatives

    • No notification of shut down Merchant programs
    • Slow response from some merchants when requesting to be an affiliate marketer.
    • Marketer may be overwhelmed by the number of merchants to choose from


ShareASale Target Audience.

Any affiliate program marketer regardless of experience. As I said, the graphical interface makes for an intuitive website that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The novice affiliate marketer should quickly and easily fall right into place. The expert may feel like a kid in a candy store.

ShareASale Tools and Training.

ShareASale provides a nice set of tools to use. For one, if you cannot find a suitable merchange, they are easily accessible to help you find merchants to partner with.

Many of the merchants have coupons and deals and they are made readily available to you to share with customers and potential customers.


Easy access to the ShareASale Blog which has info on everything ShareASale, from seasonal campaigns to training, classes, webinars and just all around helpful information. Blogs are categorized for Affiliates, Merchants and everyone in general. There is a category for Trending and another for the New and Notable. The category Best Practices is an excellent resource for affiliate marketing through ShareASale. Category Alerts! gives info on things they want you to know about. And the Resources blog category has a gold mine of helpful information.

ShareASale Support.


The ShareASale Support Center can be contacted by either telephone or by email. They even share their address! Support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm central time. On Fridays support is not available after 2pm.


A Knowledgebase is also available on the website and currently covers five categories: your account settings, merchants, product links, referral links and how ShareASale handles payments to affiliates.



ShareASale Price Tiers and Upsells.

Completely Free

ShareASale My Opinion.

In my honest opinion, ShareASale is worth giving a try. Their listing of quality merchants is reason enough when coupled with the free entry into their affiliate membership. Granted, the sheer number of merchants, 3900+, can be overwhelming and a bit daunting, but the fact that you can easily access the list of merchants by category eases the pain somewhat.
I’ve researched several reviews of ShareASale and as with anything there are pros and cons. The pros outweigh the cons due to their positive nature while the cons have centered around disgruntled affiliates, mostly having to do with ShareASale’s stance on not notifying affiliates when a merchant is no longer available. One review of their tracking system completely contradicted the many positive comments on it.
Personally I have had one merchant be slow in responding to my request to market them as an affiliate. When you click on Join Program, the message indicates that you will usually be notified within a “couple of days.” According to ShareASale, response is up to the individual merchant.
The wealth of promotional material made readily available, even customized banners and links, make it a worthwhile contender for the affiliate marketer. Before joining as an affiliate marketer you can get the information you need including average sales and commission, a look at their website, a preview of their banner ads as well as a look at any past newsletters they provide.
Merchant listings are a snap and can be sorted by choosing from a drop-down list of preferences.


My final verdict: ShareASale is 100% legitimate and scam-free!



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2 thoughts on “ShareASale: Scam or Legit

  1. Kathy Keith

    Thanks for this very thorough review of Shareasale. I do use them and feel very much like you. They are a bit more thorough on their vendor acceptance and that is really all that I have to say negative about them. They recently made a change which made them a bit easier to use, which was very helpful. I agree with your review!

    1. Mike

      Hi Kathy!
      Thank you for the affirmation of my Shareasale review! I like the way the banner tool will readily work with you for making custom links. A lot of programs force us to do all the custom work ourselves. Very easy folks to work with! Thank you for stopping by and leaving the encouraging feedback!
      All my best!


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