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A website of half-truths or lies, whichever suits their purposes, that propagates and operates on misinformation and ignorance.
Star Rating: (0.5/10)
Price: Free, but not to your reputation
Owners: Unknown, although they claim to be online consumers who once fell victim to scammers.
Website: (I won’t provide a link because I simply do not recommend that you go there!)

Is Legit?

Sometimes it pays to mind one’s own business…

Take last night, for instance. In this case, I was googling a topic to write on when it suddenly and inexplicably struck me to do the “Alphabet Soup” search on my primary website. I let out a little sigh of relief as I typed out “is my honey money tree a scam” and nothing appeared at all after “honey money tree.” Yay!

I began hitting the Backspace key. Once the cursor reached “a” just before “scam” the word “safe” popped into the search bar. At that point I’m staring at “is my honey money tree safe.” Ever curious, I selected it and hit ENTER.


What the…?” escaped my lips as the top listed SERP (Search Engine Return Page) pointed to a website called

I quickly began searching for info on this website and it probably took less than a minute to discover that unmistakable odor of scam. Yep, itself is a scam! Take a closer look at the main heading for its Trust Rating of my website…


The simple truth is that while I’m not having a Black Friday morning rush to my site, I have definitely had a lot more than six visitors. And a 44% Trust Rating??? Because of what? I clicked on “Have Your Say” and nothing happened. The same with the Comments button in the upper right corner, where, incidentally it reads 0 comments.


Apparently a lot of the (sic) reasoning behind the rating is the fact that Wealthy Affiliate shields us from spammers. We’re also covered by domain privacy to prevent spammers/scammers like this from discovering our identities and personal information.


I’m sorry but this kind of misinformation is nothing more than rumor-mongering and is designed for nothing less than to discredit and damage the reputation of legitimate website owners. Read on for a little more enlightenment!


No pros whatsoever! uses tools that are free to anyone online. These same tools are used to look up domains and IP addresses.


I can see the necessity for websites to be constantly on the lookout for scammers. After all, that’s why you’re reading this! I came across a scam website and now I’m reviewing it to keep you informed and hopefully to bolster my own reputation as a legitimate website and scam reviewer.

That’s why there is a boatload of Wealthy Affiliate members that do the same thing: expose scammers to the light of day! When scam is exposed based on fact, then there is a legitimate basis for that monicker!


The biggest con that I can see here is the fact that this website can maliciously damage the reputation of legitimate online businesses based on nothing!. They are not there to help anyone other than to keep you glued to their website while Adsense ticks away on both sidebars.

So where did the low-balling on my website come from? Certainly not user experience. Certainly not from anyone who knows me. I have an idea on the why!

  • Domain owners choosing to protect their privacy and identities are targeted.
  • New domain owners are targeted.
  • Repeated reviews claim to have been attacked by this website. Afterward they receive an offer to remove the damaging Trust Rating in exchange for something. In one case, it cost the business owner $15K to have his business removed from!
  • Web Of Trust (WOT) rates as untrustworthy. Their reasons:
    • Attempt to legitimize scam sites
    • Repeatedly making misleading claims or are unethical
    • Known spammer
    • Known for phishing for personal information. WOT users report that this site may try to get your personal information such as user ids, site passwords and even credit card data.
  • is loaded to the gills with Google Adsense.


Who Is For?

There is no legitimate need for the services that this website allegedly offers. Just as a test, I entered Wealthy Affiliate to be checked. Check this out…


Sorry, Kyle! Looks like you’ve been had! No, but seriously, I know Wealthy Affiliate to be one of the most honest websites that there is on the internet. It’s a website where integrity and education come first.

What Training and/or Tools Does Offer?


What Support Is Available At

All of the buttons for disputing their ratings or leaving comments did not work. Why would they support freely obtainable online tools?

What Is The Price For

Free. They claim to do it for the love of the internet.


I think that the opening paragraphs of’s disclaimer puts it nicely…


In other words, it’s okay for them to smash and trash legitimate websites and online businesses, but they see no need in standing behind their claims. The first paragraph insinuates that they have customers, products and services. Yet in the FAQ they claim to sell nothing to anyone. Which one is it?

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but this website is


Scammers like give Affiliate Marketing a bad name by playing the role of scam watchdog over the “internet that they love.” The truth is, they are a smoke screen for scam!  That’s why at Wealthy Affiliate we try hard to educate everyone to the dangers of online scam, how to spot it and most of all, how to avoid it!


Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Value On The Internet

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) still remains the best value for affiliate marketing programs! The training and educational benefits excel at all levels and are second to none! Review My #1 Recommendation For Affiliate Marketing Here!

The bottom line is this: Wealthy Affiliate offers the best value! Sign up here for your free membership.

Wishing you all the best!
Your friend,

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2 thoughts on “ – Is It Legit?

  1. Mark M

    Scamadviser is a scam that’s killing my business!
    I use a 1and1 server. Because that server is out of Germany. They say business is suspicious, compromised server. I contacted them a few weeks ago. Told them I am a USA based company, My site has big name advertisers that I am an affiliate to. They would not be doing business with me if I was a scam. And I have no personal info. on visitors, Not even a shopping cart. No payments are made on my site. They emailed me back saying it’s a new business started in Dec 2017. And they don’t personally look at sites. In time it may get a better rating. They show up on the top of most searches putting doubt in peoples minds that I’m not legit. There should be a way to sue them for slander!

    1. Mike

      Hi Mark! Thanks for writing! I’m sorry that you are having to deal with them. They’re a waste of time and while they may hit you negatively, as they did me, the fact that you are legit should bear you out. Intelligent searchers know to overlook them. Make it your business to build a solid and reliable reputation. Anyone researching your company should actually be researching your company and not taking advice from a singular source such as them. The struggle is real, I understand, but build your reputation. There is lots of information on that. Huffington Post Article on Building A Solid Web Presence is but one informative source. More can be found on Google by searching for “how to build a solid website following.” If you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, learning how to build a strong web presence is but one of the many, many things taught. I can heartily recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone! It is a gold mine of information and opportunity. If you haven’t already, check out My Review Of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Keep me posted on how things are going for you!


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