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By | October 25, 2016

SEO and Google Webmaster Tools and WordPress work in conjunction to ensure successful indexing and ranking of your website and its webpages. Accurate and proper completion of your SEO is a great help to the indexing and ranking processes. The Google Webmaster Tools provide the information to complete your SEO. And WordPress provides the vehicle for accessing your SEO and getting the proper information into place. SEO and Google Webmaster Tools and WordPress are your friends when it comes to what you need to know for SEO Success Metrics!

This is part two of 5 Practical Attributes To Know For SEO Success Metrics. Recapping part one of the three part series, the 5 Practical Attributes To Know For SEO Success Metrics are:

  1. SEO Title and Description, or effective use of Home Page Settings.
  2. Google Webmaster Tools Verification
  3. Google Plus Profile
  4. How to add Google Analytics to your website
  5. Get your website indexed by Google


SEO Title and Description

Make effective use of your Home Page Settings. This is what will show up under your URL on the Google/Bing listing. It is also where you can put in additional keywords.

After updating your page, go back to the left-side Widget Bar and put the cursor on All In One SEO to get a drop down box. Click on General Settings.



A lot of the values are already filled in. In fact, take the defaults and scroll down just a little ways until you get to the Home Page settings.



Home Title is from our web page’s title. It can be up to 57 bytes in length.

Home Description is up to 160 bytes from the first paragraph of your page or post.
These values can be edited but Google is really cracking down on manipulation of these two fields.  

I’d recommend leaving them alone. At least until you’re an expert!

Scroll down until you get to Custom Post Type Settings and Display Settings, leaving everything in the interim at whatever is pre-filled. In the two settings just mentioned, make sure both Posts and Pages are checked.



Google Webmaster Tools Verification

Scroll down a wee bit more. Here’s you’ll find the section for your Webmaster Verification codes.



And this is where we’re going to get busy!

Get the Webmaster Verification code for your website from Google and Bing. We’ll start with Google…

You need an account with Google so you can access Google Gmail, Google Plus and Google Analytics. If you don’t have one, then take the time to set them up now. It’s a simple, straight-forward process.

Take this link to the Google Webmaster Tools:
The first screen will list all of your websites registered with the Google Webmaster. To add a new website click on the red Add A Property button.



Fill in the URL of your website and click the Add button



At the next screen, select the Alternative Methods tab.



On the next screen, click on the HTML Tags radio button and you will get some HTML that it instructs you to put in your Meta tag. Instead, you need to select the hexadecimal data between the double-quotes and copy it to your clipboard with CNTRL-C or right click and select Copy.



Edit your website and return to the General Settings for All In One SEO. Scroll down to the Webmaster Verification slots. For the Google Webmaster Tools slot, paste the hexadecimal code you copied from the Google Webmaster Tools.



Go ahead and enter your Google Plus profile, too. Then scroll to the bottom of the SEO and click on Update to save your settings.



To verify the website, switch back to the Google Webmaster console and click on the red Verify button. You should get a “congratulations” screen.



Bing Webmaster Center Verification

To set your website up for indexing through Bing, go to the Bing Webmaster Tools at


To sign into Bing, you will need a Microsoft® account. If you do not have one, now would be a good time to take care of that.



Sign into the Bing Webmaster Tools.



Enter the URL of your website and then click the Add button. On the next screen you can enter a sitemap if desired. You can also specify what time of day is your website’s most active time.



Screen look familiar? It’s where your meta tag is for verifying your website with Bing. Select the hexadecimal code between the double quotes onto your clipboard.



Switch back over to your SEO of the website you are adding and paste the code into the Bing Webmaster Center slot.



Again, scroll to the bottom and click on the Update button. Then switch over to the Bing Webmaster tool and click on Verify.



To submit specific URLs for indexing or crawl, click on Configure My Site.



Congratulations! Now you’re all set up with Google and Bing.

Importance of Google Analytics ID

Getting your Google Analytics ID into your SEO is the fourth thing you should know about your SEO. In the next post of this three part series we will get your Google Analytics ID into your SEO. Then we’ll get your website registered and indexed.

You can read that post here!



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