WAH Paycheck – SCAM!!!


Star Rating: (0.5/10)
Name: WAH Paycheck (Work At Home Paycheck)
Website: www.wahpaycheck.com
Price: $97 with upsells
Owner: Jessica Marshall (haha) Mark Wilson? Kelly Frazier? Jeeves?


About WAH Paycheck

Sometimes it doesn’t take much of a first whiff to immediately realize that a scam is afoot. Same here. Actually, my bulls**t meter started flashing first! I can probably handle most of this right here in this section!


The first thing that “grabbed” me was hitting their website. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I don’t like anyone trying to take control of my pc from me, let alone actually doing it. First thing that happens is an audio presentation of a pushy female claiming to be Jessica Marshall. Or… is it an actress named Kelly Frazier? Or is it Melissa Mayer? Oh, who cares? She’s in it for us, right?

Just how far back does this con go???

I immediately brought my audio control up and muted it. Their website immediate overrode the mute, going on with the presentation. Mute. Override. Mute. Override. Now I’m pissed…

The Song Remains The Same

The story is the same… Jessica got married and divorced at an early age. Doomed to raise her daughter as a single mom. Struggling paycheck to paycheck. Always at rock bottom by the end of the month…

Then the boom drops!

Boss calls her in. Fires her. Everything that supported her meager lifestyle… gone! No more little things for the little one. She cried for days. Helpless. Hopeless. Gloom. Despair.

That’s when she realizes that she has to do something.

Nice Guy Finishes… First???

wah-mark-wilsonIn a stroke of blind luck, she meets this nice man named Mark Wilson at a local coffee shop. While he sips his Starbucks and she cries her eyes out, he announces that he has the solution! She’ll be his partner and he shares his sacred secret with her. A secret so hallowed that she’ll share it as long as we, the viewers, don’t tell anyone…

Our little secret.

Bathroom break…

Secret’s safe with me, Jessica. Um, Kelly… Melissa? No she’s so stinkin’ rich she doesn’t need you or me. But she’ll front her credit card and pay in the ante for us. I’ll cover her immense generosity in the Price section below. But look, I can make thousands from my home in my hometown! She even knows where I live!


And, of course, if I leave then I’m leaving $1,000 on the table. I never saw anyone claim the thousand bucks, but I’m sure I just blinked or something.

WAH Paycheck. Product Overview/Features

The immediate overture is that you’re about to make up to $1,000 a week, baby! Of course, all depending on how much you want to put into it. And how quickly you press the “BUY” button. Because, you see, the number of available slots quickly diminished from around 50 down to 2. No, wait. Next watching showed 3 slots available. What’s wrong with you, anyway? Lookit…


This is just one month. One account. She has dozens of these! I’m thinking donuts every morning. Why is she working, anyway?

$270K A Month For What?

The main push is to do Link Posting. Huh? No really, for Fortune 500 companies who are desperate for your services. No, seriously. They can’t pay to train people to do this for them. That’s why…

They want YOU!

They want you to post links on websites and blogs that back-link to… the website where you posted the link? Yeah, it comes back on them. Or whatever unscrupulous notion they are promoting. Don’t worry about them, though. You’ll be the one holding the bag when you get banned and/or blacklisted! Ever wanted to be a spammer? Heh-heh… here’s your chance…

Oh, it gets better…



Look! We’re talking about Jessica-Kelly-Melissa! Says right there she’ll give me her personal email address! Now I’m starting to think she might like me a little. We could do a lot on $270K a month. Just from that one account, you see. By the way, did anyone see her actually give it up on the personal email address? Me neither…

That’s not all! Certification is in the air!



Certification for what? They’re calling this a certification? It’s nothing more than a bogus guarantee! Signed by a fictitious character, Jessica herself. There is no Link Posting Certification!

WAH Paycheck. What is/are the selling point(s)?

The main point is the thousands you’re going to make from day to day. The real-time graphics offer indisputable proof! The numbers flowing into your bank account skyrocket before your very eyes! My God! Who knew you could make $280K in a single month?!? I gotta sit down. Gettin’ dizzy…

The real “sell” is the $97 they’re going to bilk you out of in addition to the $29 a month!

WAH Paycheck. Product qualities.

What qualities? Sorry! I couldn’t find anything quality about this program.

WAH Paycheck. Who is the target audience?

Anyone willing to give them a credit card and part with $97 and $29 a month thereafter.

WAH Paycheck. What Tools/Training are available?


WAH Paycheck. What support is available?

See the previous question.

WAH Paycheck. What are the price tiers?

Let’s start at $397. No wait, a line just crossed through that price! Now we’re… $97 because Jessica or Kelly or whomever she is just opted to cover the $300 on her personal credit card, so you’re only in for $97. How sweet! Can you see the smirk on my face? See right here? Says so… Jessica’s buying!




That Mark has some swing, doesn’t he? But… who’s going to pay the monthly note?

WAH Paycheck. What is my opinion of this product?

Wait! There’s still time…


I’m not supposed to say bulls**t, so I’ll say it like this: bull$h*t.

We’re good, right?

WAH Paycheck. Final verdict: Legit or Not Legit


The truth is:  there is no get-rich-quick scheme on the internet. Being successful in a online business – be it marketing or pushing a niche – involves a lot of hard work, diligence and a grasp of affiliate marketing.

Scammers like WAH Paycheck give Affiliate Marketing a bad name.  That’s why at Wealthy Affiliate we try hard to educate everyone to the dangers of online scam, how to spot it and most of all, how to avoid it!


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Wishing you all the best!
Your friend,

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12 thoughts on “WAH Paycheck – SCAM!!!

  1. John Vine

    A very thorough review – which I would hate to read if I had just signed up with them. You do a great job, warning people about these despicable tactics to take money from those who are vulnerable.

    1. Mike

      Hi John!
      Thanks for the comments and for reading the review. It’s sad to watch them prey on the emotions of caring people, then I get mad because the same people are so desperate for income like that that they’ll sign away everything they own for a piece of the pie. If only there were a pie, right?


  2. Darren

    I love the way these schemes always have screenshots of awesome dollars being made, just to suck you in and make it look lucrative and very easy.

    I hadn’t heard of the WAH Paycheck before. It’s definitely a new one to me.

    They all have a secret system to share as well that no one else knows about. It’s almost like the same person invents all of these scams. They obviously copy each other.

    1. Mike

      You’re right. The constantly higher-rolling “live” bank balance in the tens and hundreds of thousands is almost comical to watch – if only they weren’t ripping somebody off (or trying to do so) in the process!

      That one’s been around the block a time or or two with different “actresses” and sometimes it will even feature the “savior” – but the story is the same. Everything is there but the decoder ring! lol

      Thanks for coming by and leaving us your thoughts, Darren! Feel free to do so anytime!


  3. Gabriela

    Wow, the first thing I saw when I got on this page was “5 out of 100”.. that’s all I really needed to see to know not to give this a try. It’s great that you can easily look up things to find out if companies are legit or not. It makes it so easy to not be scammed.

    By the way, I agree with your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation!

    1. Mike

      Thank you for stopping by, Gabriela! And I’m so glad that you didn’t buy into the WAH scam!!! Those people prey on people’s desire to make money fast. One of the many things I love about Wealthy Affiliate is the message and training to watch for scam and avoid it. I’m happy that my review helped you out!! We have to watch each other’s backs!

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best! Thanks for agreeing!

      Wish you all of the best success!


  4. Kenny Lee

    I stop taking this Wah paycheck seriously after you mentioned that they overrode your mute function. That just kicked off whatever integrity down the drain, or are they too dumb to realized that? Who would have trust a marketing campaign that violates the basic right of a consumer? Won’t bother clicking to their website for this.

    1. Mike

      Thanks for stopping in, Kenny! It’s one of those “too-good-to-be-true” things. Watching those alleged bank figures spinning up and up and up… immediately made me skeptical. After discovering that they’ve been through several evolutions using different actors/actresses claiming to be the same persons, then that just puts me off, too.

      Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t do it! I believe they’re in it for one reason and that’s to scam whomever they can!

      Best of success to you!


  5. Neil

    There are far too many of these scams online. I mean, why can’t these people just put the effort into creating legit programs rather than scamming folks, huh?

    The Work At Home Paycheck program reminds me too much of the Facebook Cash Code because that too has dropped big names like CNN onto its fake opportunity page.

    I think it’s quite amusing how these scams use stories, names, and faces to connect with you so they can steal your dosh. “Mary Stevens” springs to mind here. Look her up and you’ll see what I mean.

    I see WAH is yet “another” link posting scam trying to reel people in with big money claims. If that were true, I’d be a playboy Millionaire by now. 😉

    WAH Paycheck certainly has everything covered when it comes to convincing people to sign up to a fake program…

    But perhaps the creator should focus their energy on actually helping people and earning ethically.


    1. Mike

      I know, right? It’s so obvious a scam right out of the chute – bank account balances spinning out of control. And she’s got dozens of them, right? Talk about getting rich quicker than quick! What blows me away is that some people actually buy into this crap!

      Poor Jessica (whoever she is)… She plays the role as if she really believes it – I’m sure I would, too, if I got paid to do what she does. You’re right about Mary Stevens – just another previous incarnation of the same person. Guess they had to move on, huh? I didn’t stick around to find out how much the $29 a month will increase to.

      There were so many other inconsistencies, too. Like, laying out this lucrative opportunity, then trying to snatch it out from under you. I had 12 minutes or lose my place. Guess I was supposed to feel desperate! So, why does the clock next to it say I had 3 hours and 4 minutes??? 🙂

      They certainly put a lot of resources into a con!! Like you suggest, that could be money better spent!

      Thanks for stopping in, Neil!


  6. Jacob Schilling

    Hi Mike. Thank you for shining the light on this scam hiding within the dark shadows. I agree that there really is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme. Realizing this, I was lucky enough to find wealthy affilaite, and that place truly does show you all of the ins and outs of making money online, and I would recommend anynoe to give it a shot.

    1. Mike

      You’re right, Jacob! No such thing as get-rich-quick unless someone is the lucky one in a million to be in the right place at the right time with the right “product.”  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll second your recommendation! 



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