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Content Means Conversions

Let’s face it. What you write on your page or post and how it is presented will convince the reader to either pass or convert. Good content is a hook. The reader will either accept your offering or… not. You can assume that your reader knows what they are looking for. They want you to be an expert on the topic. After all, they are reading your content to get guidance on starting their own business!

Your content means conversion. You have to be an authority in your niche, the writer they will look to. You need to write with keywords that ring a bell with your readership. Use responsive design. Be it via desktop, tablet or smartphone, they need to be able to easily read your content. Ubiquitously. Making it exist on all devices at the same time in the same form.


Be An Authority In Your Niche

Grab the reader’s attention. Let them know that you know what you’re writing about! How do you become an authority in your niche? Hopefully you already are! You’re the expert, remember? You’re the one imparting knowledge. To do that you have to show the reader what you’re writing about, not just tell them. Telling them is stale and textbook-ish. Showing them makes you king. It makes you be an authority in your niche.

Write Meaningful Content. What can make your content meaningful? Be unique in the way you write it. Whatever you do, don’t cut and paste from another source. Write it in your own words and make it interesting. Write with the enthusiasm you would have if showing the person one-on-one.

Tell a story. Know any interesting stories about your product or niche? Share it in your content. Stories about someone using your product or niche to solve an issue or problem get the reader’s attention.

Make your content evergreen. What you write should span the eons of time. It should be just as pertinent one year, two years, five years from now. Here today, gone tomorrow is passé. A good example would be tips on growing herbs.

Make your content what they are looking for. Your page or post still has to convey the gist of what the user wants. It has to deliver value to the reader. Value creates interest and interest will lead to conversion.
Write meaningful content.


Write With Keywords

Keywords are like bait: when you write with keywords, they attract visitors to your website and specifically the content you are writing. They determine where you website ends up in the results a user gets when doing a search. The ideal goal is to have your website appear on the first page of results.

Choosing your keywords. This requires you to understand your audience. Choose keywords or phrases that you know your readers will be using in their search. Use a keyword selection tool such as Jaaxy or the Keyword Tool provided by Wealthy Affiliate. These tools will show you where the keywords stand with search engines. They’ll tell you if you should or shouldn’t use that keyword. Plus, the tool will give you alternatives to read over and possibly use. Jaaxy will give you the green light, yellow light, or red light, depending on whther it is a good idea to use the keyword. Here, let me show you in the video below.

PLAY VIDEO To See Jaaxy In Action

Brainstorm your topic. Write down keywords that come to mind. A good example would be a topic about using a Digital SLR Camera: good keywords to brainstorm would be Set Aperture, Set Shutter Speed and so on. Once you’ve brainstormed your topic, use a keyword research tool to determine if you should use it.

Tips. Here are some helpful tips in keyword selection and use.

    • Be creative.
    • Don’t use keywords that get too much competition.
    • Only choose keywords relevant to what you are writing about.
    • Place your keywords in the following places:
      • Above your website logo
      • In your subheadings
      • In your headlines
      • Inside your paragraph content
      • In your subtitles
      • Within links
      • In images (using the alt= tag)
    • Use keywords where they make sense.

Keyword Density. Keyword density is the percentage of your page or post keywords within the content. I’ve read where 3% is optimum. Guess it depends, but I do know that a page loaded with keywords run a risk of lower rankings. That’s because the article has become about keywords and not meaningful substance! It becomes unreadable!

There are free tools for analyzing keyword density. One is Textalyzer and another is Live Keyword Analysis. You enter the text paragraph you want analyzed plus the keyword(s) and click on a button and voila! You have your keyword density ratio.

Here’s a screen shot from Live Keyword Analysis:



Engage In Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is becoming more and more important. The estimated is that over half of internet traffic involves the use of mobile devices and your web content needs to be “friendly” to these devices: tablets and smartphones. You as the designer of website content have to engage in responsive design. Google even boosts the ratings of websites it considers to be mobile friendly.

Design Across Devices. At Wealthy Affiliate most, if not all, of us use WordPress® for site design and content management. It’s good to know that WordPress® employs RWD. Most WordPress® websites, posts and pages created using it are considered mobile friendly. Chrome®, Firefox®, and Safari® web browsers also have responsive resizing built in.

How To Do Responsive Design. This is probably the hottest topic in web design today. The ideas behind responsive design are beyond the scope of this article, but a brief synopsis is in order.

Designing websites with fixed height and width, non-scalable, is a thing of the past. It has to be. Of course, using CMS tools like WordPress® make it simple for the content writer but the “secret to the sauce,” so to speak, is found in the use of proportions. Everything, every element, in the website is resized according to their relationship with each other. Know how to do responsive design.

Read more from the man considered to be the Father of Responsive Web Design.

Verify Your Design. Once you’ve completed your content and posted it to your website, you can verify that your site and content are considered responsive. Go to the Google® website at

Verify your design by entering your web site’s URL and click on the ANALYZE button. The tool will tell you if your site is mobile friendly and show you what it looks like on a smartphone.


If your website is NOT mobile friendly, go back to the link above and click on the link at the word “blog” and it will take you to the Google® Webmaster Central Blog. Scroll down until you come to the link shown in the screen shot below.


You will be taken to the Google® website “Customize Your Website Software.” Follow the instructions. If your software is WordPress®, a simple theme change may be all that is required.

Write Good Content

There you have it. Be an authority in your niche, write with keywords that register with your readership and use responsive design so your website is useful and readable regardless of the device being used. Content means conversions. Conversions mean successful business.

Good luck to you!
Your friend,


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  1. Don Nolan

    Mike, I see all the components of a great posting here. It’s like WA training right here and in great detail so the concept of leverage is in play like crazy here. All the buzz words, show and sell instead of tell and sell or in some cases on some sites tell and tell. You are on to something here in your approach. It may be a little easier to you flow if you put a couple spaces at the ends of sentences. Are you feeling me…..all I could find to kick is spaces.. Good detailed presentation with the right amount and placement of visuals/videos and not toooooo many clickie clicks.
    Atta boy, Mike

    1. Mike

      Wow! Thank you, Don! I’m just trying to tweak it all down, if you know what I mean. Your feedback tells me I’m on the right track. You know, the spaces thing, two after the sentence, is something I remember from college comp and tech writing but it didn’t even dawn on me! Lol! I appreciate you taking the time to visit and let me know what you think! Hope you have a great weekend!
      All my best,

  2. RikaSF

    This is very informative. I want to start my own website, but did not know where to start. The information you provide will give me some guidance. Thank you very much.
    I think I will start with your recommendation, Weatlhy Affiliate. It seems Legit and worth the try.

    1. Mike

      Hi RIka! That’s great to hear! I’m so glad I could help you out. That’s what we’re here for. To help and anything I can do to help you out, just give me a shout out!

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legit and worth trying. I tend to overemphasize the training but it is second to none. What you learn is invaluable and something I have yet to find anywhere else. If you haven’t joined yet, I encourage you to do so. You can easily get there through my link on this page. I’m looking forward to seeing you at WA.

      My very best to you!


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